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Kayak Gear to Keep You Floating All Summer Long

Welcome to the wide world of kayaking! A kayak is a wonderful way to explore the water, whether you are fishing your favorite lake or taking a leisurely trip down a peaceful river. Here at Dockside Supply, we offer kayaks as well as kayak gear to make your water adventures even more fun, more comfortable and safer. Whether you have years of experience or are looking for your very first kayak, you are certain to find awesome options here, including sit-in kayaks for sale as well as inflatable kayaks, kayak paddles in a huge variety of sizes and colors and a wide assortment of accessories to keep you floating in style and in comfort. Thanks for stopping by our store!

An Inflatable Kayak is a Great Investment for the Family

Everyone in the family can enjoy going kayaking. The first step is to find the perfect kayak for your needs, whether that’s a lightweight and maneuverable inflatable kayak or a sturdy and durable fiberglass kayak. Then decide on the best paddles for your needs and shop for accessories that are going to help you on your fishing and sightseeing trips, like a kayak rod leash or paddle clip set. Be sure to explore our entire website to find other useful accessories, too, like lifejackets and other useful safety gear! We are here to help you make the most of your kayaking trips, so shop now for great deals on everything you need.