Surf Sock Wetsuit Changing Sock – Body Glide Fast and Easy Into Mens Womens and Kids Wetsuit – Fits Most – Best Gift for…


SMART WETSUIT ACCESSORY/ WETSUIT CHANGING AIDE – Surf Sock change sock – designed to put over feet and hands when pulling on any wet or dry full wetsuit FAST and EASY. It radically reduces the amount of resistance, prevents damage to your wetsuit, extends its life and makes life easy for you. Be the first into your wetsuit and first in the water.
VERSATILE USE/ GREAT GIFT – Ideal for Anyone who wears a full wetsuit – divers, surfers, ocean swimmers, freedivers, triathletes, sailors, paddlers. Use with full adults and kids wetsuit- STANDARD Size fits most. For people with feet larger than a US12, please purchase a LARGE Surf Sock
REUSABLE CHOICE – PLASTIC BAG/ LUBRICANT ALTERNATIVE: Use this Sustainable Alternative to Environmentally Unfriendly Plastic Bags and Lubricant Sprays that many wetsuit wearers use to help get into their wetsuit. Surf Socks are tough and rip-resistant with ONE YEAR WARRANTY FREE OF CHARGE : Be Kind to the Ocean and Extend the Life of Your Wetsuit.

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